This is a repository of theses from our students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The entries are presented in chronological order of graduation, with links to the full document, where available.

Doctoral Theses:
Christie, Elizabeth. 2015. The English Resultative. [pdf]

Masters Theses:
Needham, Stephanie. 2012. Propositional Anaphora in English: The relationship between so and discourse. [pdf on Carleton’s research website]

Hosseini, Maryam. 2013. The Semantics of the Persian Object Marker –râ. [pdf]

Ismail, Tabish. 2013. Truth in Science: A Pragmatic Conception of Truth. [pdf on Carleton’s research website]

Stone, Adam. 2015. The Production and Perception of Vowel Height and Duration. [pdf]

Barbu, Roxana-Maria. 2015. Verbs and Participants: Non-linguists’ Intuitions. [pdf]

Di Giovanni, Daniel. 2016. Neural & Predictive Effects of Verb Argument Structure. [pdf]

Mageau, Marly. 2016. Foreign Accents in Song and Speech. [pdf]

Undergraduate Theses:
Sachs, Daniel. 2013. Stratifying Mohawk Stress-Epenthesis Interaction.

Milacic, Dejan. 2014. Toward a cross-linguistic typology of distance distributivity. [pdf]

Van Luven, Katie. 2014. The Argument Status of directional PPs. [pdf]

Darling, Matthew. 2014. Linguistic Methodology: A Case Study via copy raising. [pdf]