Call for Papers: Ottawa Conference for Linguistic Undergrads

From Linguist List:

Short Title: OCLU
Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Start Date: 28-Feb-2014 – 01-Mar-2014
Contact: Dan Sachs
Meeting Description: Ottawa Conference for Linguistics Undergraduates (OCLU)

The Department of Linguistics, University of Ottawa is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its fifth Ottawa Conference for Linguistics Undergraduates (OCLU) on Friday, 28 February and Saturday, 1 March 2014. This conference aims to promote undergraduate research in linguistics. The conference provides a supportive environment in which undergraduates can disseminate their research findings; hone their presentation skills; and network with undergraduates and scholars who share their academic interests.

An ancillary aim of the conference is to provide potential graduate students with the opportunity to visit the Department of Linguistics; view its state-of-the-art facilities; discuss its graduate program; and meet with current undergraduates, graduates and professors.

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